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After payment is accepted, you will recieve a link to download your zip file containing a flipbook version for any Windows based pc, just like you see on this website, and a pdf file containing all the pages. Download the flipbook version and the PDF for only $1.99.

All of the digital downloads have been scanned from our original vintage literature collection. Some items have stains or other age aquired flaws, while others are almost perfect.


  • Willys Starts New Knight Regime
  • Packard Makes 72.7 MPH on Chicago Speedway
  • Owen Magnetic Makes Progress
  • Engineer's Forum
  • War Trucks and Tractors Well Tested
  • Connecticut Battery Ignition for Ford's
  • Larer Argo Chassis for 1916
  • Watson V Rod
  • Chase - Water-Cooled and Worm-Driven
  • Accessories
  • Tacoma Races
  • The Automobile Calendar
  • The Week in Industry

  • All The Vintage Ads And Much More...

The Automobile July 15 1915