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Car Life August 1954

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All of the digital downloads have been scanned from our original vintage literature collection. Some items may have stains or other age acquired flaws, while others may be almost perfect.


  • Speed Traps
  • Rally! The family sedan is good for this competition
  • Italian Beauties - Grace and elegance fromm the designers in Italy
  • Fire - LaFrance
  • Nash-Healey LeMans - A 3 nation car from the Nash division of AMC
  • Woman Driver
  • The Bristol 450 - Bristol 450 Sport Coupe
  • Design Unlimited - Ford's top stylist
  • Trailer Tips - Some things you should know before buying
  • Trailer Census: 700,000
  • Life in a Trailer
  • We Love Trailers - Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz are addicts of the home-on-wheels trend
  • Safe Driving Contest
  • Model A Club
  • The Pobeda
  • The Carriage Trade - Luxury from Cadillac, Packard, Lincoln, Chrysler
  • Car Life Goes To The Races
  • The Rolls Royce - British Aristocrat
  • Product News
  • The New Anglia - Neatly Designed Bundle of Economy

  • All The Vintage Ads And Much More...

Car Life August 1954