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What's Inside?

  • Berle Sells Buicks
  • Detroit Lowdown
  • Realistic Speed Laws Needed
  • Lowdown on the 1954 Buick
  • Avoid Accidents By Better Driving
  • The Mexican Road Race Isn't So Tough
  • Car Color And Psycology
  • Tests That Saves Lives
  • Number 1 Of The Big Three Chevrolet
  • Number 2 Of The Big Three Ford
  • Number 3 Of The Big Three Plymouth
  • Across The U.S. By Antique
  • The Great American Motorist
  • The Search For The Ideal Transmission
  • The Most Dangerous Driving Job
  • The Story Of Gasoline's Amazing Improvements
  • How Safe Are Teenage Drivers?
  • Maintaining The Ignition System
  • The Reasons For High Oil Consumption
  • Why Motorist Get Gray
  • Automotive Oddities
  • The American Motorist - Biggest Taxpayer
  • American Women Fight For Traffic Safety
  • Auto Museum In Hollywood
  • Keep The Drafts Out

  • All The Vintage Ads And Much More...

Your Car April 1954