• AMC Vignale Project - Javelin/AMX

    The AMC Vignale Project was Dick Teague's contender for Mustang and Camaro. Vignale would go to production as the as the Javelin, with hopes of attracting new, younger buyers to American Motors.


    Concept Art
    Concept Art
  • Clay Models

    Between building the workable experimental car and the concept art, full scale clay models are built.

    Vignale Clay Model

    Clay Model

    Clay Model
  • 1966 Prototype

    The Vignale was the 1966 prototype that would begin to appear in magazines to get public response.

    1966 Vignale Prototype

    1966 Vignale Prototype

    1966 Vignale Prototype
  • Motor Trend May 1966

    Is this your new Rambler? Read the article inside about the new sport model coming from AMC.

    Motor Trend May 1966


    Motor Trend May 1966


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  • Concept at Daytona, Florida

    Concept publicity photo at Daytona Raceway.

    Concept at Daytona, Florida
  • 1967 AMC AMX Teaser

    Getting ready for the launch, American Motors expands from distributing publicity material to magazines and limited appearances, and begins TV commercials featuring the new sport model. This 1967 TV commercial for American Motors introduces the new AMC Javelin. The concept AMX is riding in front on the top rack. The driver of the American Motors truck is Sid Melton, who played on Green Acres and other TV shows.